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Fiction - Frontier - Part 1

The Cosmodrone was quiet today, only the whistle of wind and snow twirling through Old Russia. The white landscape was full of snow and buildings from a long gone past. The banners of ancient houses of Fallen flapped silently in the storm. Under these banners were Elinski. More commonly known as Fallen to the Guardians. But these Elinski guarded a dark secret, this would soon be uncovered by a young Warlock known as Magus-7. This Guardian who was resurrected 30 years ago, loved studying the Elinski and their past. He was known amongst the Vanguard to take Fallen to the Tower to study them. He had been warned quite a lot about the dangers of these agents of Darkness in the courtyard of the tower. The Vanguard knew of this young Warlocks power though. He harnessed great skill within the Void. He could clear entire rooms of Hive in the blink of an eye. He was valued highly amongst the Vanguard and despite his antics, was very respected. Magus didn’t quite understand why Cherry, his Ghost, picked him to be a defendant of the Light. He always loved literature and history and wasn’t a fan of gun combat and he was not very exceptional at it either. One day, during one of Magus’ regular patrols of the Cosmodrone he found a unknown banner being flown on an old apartment building. “This is new.” Magus thought to himself taking out his binoculars. He scanned the area looking signs of Elinski. “There’s nothing th-“ Magus was cut off as he felt his mechanical neck be put in a headlock. “GAH!” He gasped for air reaching behind him to grab his assailant. He found a grip of strong metal plating. He threw his attacker of him onto the ground with full force. He summoned the Void within him and felt the energy surge through him and burn the creature with Void energy. The Warlock collapsed onto all fours and found himself out of breath. He looked ahead of him at the mangled face of a Vandal. “I-I have to be more careful...” said Magus to his Ghost Cherry. “Honestly I think your doing fine!” Said Cherry in a bubbly voice. “Thanks Cherry, but please warn me next time.” Said Magus gaining composure. “Of course! I will do my best!” Said Cherry. Magus got up and looked upon the corpse of the Vandal. It seemed to have a black symbol on his chest. Magus got down onto his Knee and examined the strange symbol. It resembled a flame with a large moon behind it. “Curios. Most curious.” Magus thought. His sights were drawn back to the tall apartment building across the way. Keeping one hand on his holster for his hand cannon he started towards the dilapidated building. “It’s almost too quiet, like we’re walking into a trap.” Cherry said. “Took the words right out of my mouth.” Said Magus. Magus pushed open the door. It made a large rumbling noise as if it it hadn’t been opened for centuries. Magus stood at the door peering in at the darkness for a full 30 seconds and mustered up enough courage to step inside. Cherry popped out of thin air and used her eye as a light. The Warlock pulled out his Duke Mk 44. and looked around the room with his trusty gun at his side. He started to delve deep into the apartment and found stairs. “Shall we?” Asked Magus. “Let’s do this.” Responded Cherry. And with that, Magus headed towards his new discovery that would alter his life forever. —————————————————————————— And I’m back everyone! I know it’s been to long and I’m extremely sorry for my absence. I felt massive burnout for writing and Destiny in general and decided to stop posting, but I’m back! I’m going to try to finish this but I still have no promises. Anyways the important thing is I’m back and I’m going to try to upload a story every week. I’m going to make a table of contents and a master page showing all my work from here on out. (Except my old work, I’m not proud of it and I want to have a fresh start.) Table Of Contents: Master Page:
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