Soffish? Soffish

Soffish is Missing! If finding please return to Bungie. Do not eat!

  • This Soffish do not eat.
  • Not recommended for age under 3.
  • Put Soffish in a half-filled bottle, the water will be absorbed soon.


  • Real fishes might hurt human body. Soffish is 100% harmless.
  • Put Soffish beside real fish as indoor decoration is also fun.
  • Put Soffish in water and watch it grow.
  • Soffish can easily absorb water.
  • Put Soffish in fish-globe or bottle as indoor decoration.
  • As bath-toy is also very fun.


  • Transparent resin might come out of the Soffish. If so, clean it with water.
  • Do not keep Soffish in water too long.