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Legacy Support Guide for Destiny

Destiny will no longer be receiving planned game updates or content. Destiny content through Destiny: Rise of Iron will continue to be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Consoles. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Legacy Consoles will continue to have Destiny: The Taken King content through Update 2.3.1 available. 

The Legacy Support Guide for Destiny contains information on preparing for Destiny 2 and the Legacy Support for Destiny content on all consoles.

Destiny 2: Beta FAQ and General Information
If you have any questions concerning purchase of Destiny 2, please see this website:

For questions concerning the Destiny 2 Beta, please see this FAQ:

For steps on how to redeem a Destiny 2 Beta Code on, please follow this link:

Note: If you have any issues receiving your Destiny 2 Beta Code after placing a pre-order, please contact your retailer for assistance.
FAQ for Groups, Clans, and Alliances
One of our Welcoming Committee Mentors has written up an awesome FAQ regarding Groups, Clans, and Alliances on Thanks, Spawn! Please click the title above for the FAQ. 

Additionally, we have articles on Clans and Alliances if you are encountering any issues with your Clan:

Daily and Weekly Reset Times
For a list of activity and event reset times and details, please follow the link above.

Destiny Account Restrictions and Banning Policies
Please click the title above to see our Destiny Account Restrictions and Banning Policies FAQ.
Deleted Item and Character Policy
The choices players make in Destiny are often permanent. Please be careful when performing any manual removal actions. 

Please note: Exotic Weapons/Armor, Emblems, Shaders, Ships, Sparrows, Emotes, and Quests that have been dismantled after update 2.0 was released may be re-acquired from their respective Collections.  Re-acquiring items from some Collections may have an in-game cost associated with them.
Intellectual Property and Trademarks
Bungie strongly supports the efforts of our community to produce non-commercial content using video images, footage, music, sounds, dialogue, or other assets from our games, subject to a few conditions. These creations can be freely shared with other players in places like the Creations page. Please click the above link for more information on the guidelines that apply to creators seeking to profit from their work. 
Weekly Lockouts and Progression Resets
Some high level activities use a weekly lockout for earning activity-specific rewards. Players have until Tuesday at 2:00 AM Pacific (9:00 AM UTC) to complete these activities and earn the activity-specific rewards for the week. 

Please click on the above link for a list of these activities and how they are impacted by the weekly lockout and progression resets.
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