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How to submit an image or video to Community Creations
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When submitting images to the Community Creations page, please always make sure that the link provided leads directly to your Creation. For images, you can usually tell that the link leads directly to your intended submission when the link ends in your Creation's file type (.jpg, .png, etc).  Each submission must be manually approved, so time for approval may vary. 

To submit an image or video to the Community Creations page, please do the following:
  • Create your submission using any form of artistry.
  • Take a picture, create an image, or create a video and upload it to a hosting service.
  • Log in to your account on
  • Visit the Community Creations page and click "Submit a Creation". 
  • Enter a Link that leads directly to your image, a Title, and a Description.
  • Click "Submit" in the Community Creation form.

For information on creating a submission for Movie of the Week, please see: HOW TO SUBMIT A VIDEO FOR MOVIE OF THE WEEK
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