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Deleted Item and Character Policy
All Platforms
The following services cannot be provided: 

  • Recovery of dismantled, scrapped, deleted, or otherwise discarded items*
  • Recovery of Infused items
  • Refund materials on accidental reforged weapons
  • Reset or refund weapon and armor upgrades
  • Refund currencies on accidental purchases
  • Transfer of items or characters between platform accounts
  • Reset character features
  • Restore deleted characters

*Please note: Exotic Weapons/Armor, Emblems, Shaders, Ships, Sparrows, Emotes and Quests that have been manually removed from the player inventory after update 2.0 may be re-acquired from their respective Collections.  Re-acquiring items from some Collections may have an in-game cost associated with them.

The choices players make in Destiny are often permanent. Please be careful when performing any of the above actions.

Additionally, please use caution when sharing accounts and characters

While we are unable to provide the above-mentioned services, we are working on improvements and new features to mitigate and prevent these issues from occurring.
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