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New updates:
  • We have information on our Nepal Aid T-shirts here.
  • The 1.1.2 Audio Settings now has a FAQ.
  • We recently changed the way you sign into your profile. Click here for more information.

For all other questions, please visit our Help forum staffed by community mentors who can help. You can also check back here for updates.
Destiny Account Restrictions and Banning Policies
Please click the title above to see our Destiny Account Restrictions and Banning Policies FAQ.
Husk of the Pit is not dropping when killing Blades of Crota
We are currently aware that Husk of the Pit is not dropping when killing Blades of Crota, which can only be found on Earth within the “Fist of Crota” story mission.
We will provide updates as we investigate this issue further.

Thank you  for your patience. Please stay tuned to our BungieHelp twitter account for more information.
Why couldn't I purchase two Etheric Light at Rank 5 of Iron Banner?
With each Iron Banner event, you can earn the opportunity to purchase 1 Etheric Light at rank 3, as well as rank 5.
If you do not purchase the Etheric Light that they've unlocked at rank 3 before reaching rank 5, you will only be able to purchase a single Etheric light.

Please make sure to purchase your first Etheric Light before achieving rank 5.

Note - This is per character, not account. If one character has reached rank 5, it is still to possible purchase Etheric Light on other characters at both ranks 3 and 5.
Weapon Reforge FAQ
Reforging is when you wish to change your weapon perks and have a clean slate on your weapon. Please click the title above to learn more about reforging.
Trials of Osiris FAQ
Q: Why did I receive a loss after being disconnected from my Trials match?
A: If you experience a disconnect while playing a Trials match, it will count as a loss. To avoid future disconnects, please see our Network Troubleshooting Guide

Q: I believe I experienced players who were manipulating their network settings. What should I do? 
A: If you believe you experienced players who were manipulating their network settings, be sure to report them in-game. Here's how:

Q: Why didn't my Trials of Osiris consumable work? 
A: To learn more about the Trials consumables, please see the following: Guided Support for Trials of Osiris

Q: Where can I learn more about Trials of Osiris?
A: You can learn more here:
Triumph Emblem FAQ
For questions regarding the Triumph Emblem, follow this link.
Elder Cipher Bounty FAQ
Please follow this link for questions regarding the Elder Cipher Bounty.
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