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Age of Triumph: Daybreak Nightfall Modifier

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Introduced with the Age of Triumph, a new modifier has been added to the Nightfall activity. For all information concerning the Age of Triumph, click the banner above or follow this link to return to the Age of Triumph Guided Support.

Daybreak Modifier

Daybreak is a new modifier that grants players with higher than normal ability recharge. This includes the following:
  • Super Abilities
  • Special Melee Abilities
  • Grenade Abilities
The Daybreak Modifier will be available at a cadence of every 4 weeks from the release of Age of Triumph.


  • Players may earn one PGCR reward per week
  • Blue Flames will now appear on characters that have completed a Nightfall Strike each week
  • Once a Nightfall activity has been completed, players gain Reputation at accelerated rates

If none of these steps solved your problem, you may return to the help page to seek other answers.

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