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Age of Triumph : Raid Reprisals

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With the release of Age of Triumph, all Destiny Raids have been reprised to 390 Light Difficulty.
Previous rewards such as Weapons or Armor have also been reprised, along with the addition of new Consumables and Ornaments.
For all information concerning the Age of Triumph, click the banner above or follow this link to return to the Age of Triumph Guided Support.


The following requirements must be met to launch Reprisal Raid Activity:
  • Own Destiny: Rise of Iron
  • Complete Destiny: Rise of Iron Story Quest
  • Reach Light Level 360 (Recommended Light Level 390)
390 Light Difficulty will first be available through the Featured Raid node on the Director. Once it has been featured, players may set the highest light difficulty at any time through the respective activity node on each planet.

Featured Challenge Modes

Challenge Modes for some encounters will be available when a Raid is a Featured Activity.
  • Vault of Glass and Crota's End will display "Challenge Failed" text if a player fails the Challenge
  • Each Challenge Mode is associated with specific Reprisal Rewards, which may be earned once per week
  • Each Challenge Mode will have a corresponding Emblem rewarded to the player upon successful completion


Knuckles of Eao

  • This new consumable grants players with an additional Challenge Mode Reward, once per week, per Challenge Mode Checkpoint. 
  • This consumable may be acquired once per week, per account.

Age of Triumph Ornaments

  • Players may earn Ornaments for Raid Reprisal Armor Sets once per week, by completing a Featured Raid
  • Ornaments dismantle to 1 Silver Dust
  • Players may hold 10 Ornaments, between a Character's Postmaster and Inventory at a single time
  • Ornaments earned on Characters with 10 across the Character Inventory and Postmaster will be lost

Reprised Legendary Rewards

  • Players may earn reprised Weapons and Armor once per activity checkpoint, per week, per character.
  • Reprised Legendary Raid Weapons are limited to Kinetic Damage.

Reprised Exotic Weapons

  • Players may earn Raid Specific Raid Exotics by completing Challenge modes, once per week, per challenge mode, per character.
  • These Exotic Reprisals come with Elemental Damage.

For information concerning the Destiny Weekly Reset, please see this Help Article: Weekly Lockouts and Progression Resets

If none of these steps solved your problem, you may return to the help page to seek other answers.

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