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Age of Triumph : Crucible Playlist Updates and Availability

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With the release of Age of Triumph, Crucible Playlists have been updated. Each node within the Crucible Director now features two rotating gametypes. For all information concerning the Age of Triumph, click the banner above or follow this link to return to the Age of Triumph Guided Support.

Rotating Gametypes

Weekly Featured Gametypes
One of the following will be available each week through the Featured Crucible Gametype node in the Director
  • Combined Arms
  • Zone Control
  • Mayhem Clash
  • Mayhem Rumble
  • Doubles

Weekly Playlist Gametypes
Available through the Crucible node in the Director, each of these game types will alternate between each other each week at weekly reset.
  • Control or Clash
  • Rift or Supremacy
  • Skirmish or Salvage
  • Rumble or Rumble Supremacy

Trials of Osiris
Trials of Osiris continues to be a Weekend Event within Destiny. With Destiny Update 2.6.0, changes have been made to Bounty Rewards. For additional information, please see this Help Article.
  • Elimination will be replaced with Trials of Osiris each weekend.


Weekly Featured Rewards:
  • 10 Legendary Marks for the first 3 completions of the Weekly Featured
  • 1 Treasure of the Ages for the first completion of the Weekly Featured

Daily Crucible Rewards:
  • 15 Legendary Marks for the first completion of ANY Crucible game type, per day.

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