Nova Shenron
Xbox Live
Neomuni Sightseeing
Earn a score of 1400 or more in the Neomuna destination Triumphs.
Lightfall—Chapter 1
Race against the Shadow Legion to find an ancient artifact and uncover a secret civilization on Neptune.
Lightfall—Chapter 2
Master the power of Strand and wield it to protect the city of Neomuna.
Lightfall—Chapter 3
Prepare for the final confrontation with Calus and stop him from reaching the Veil.
HyperNet Current
Complete the "HyperNet Current" strike on any difficulty.
Complete all Lightfall missions on Legendary difficulty.
First Contact
Complete the "First Contact" mission on any difficulty.
Complete the "Downfall" mission on any difficulty.
Complete the "Breakneck" mission on any difficulty.
No Time Left
Complete the "No Time Left" mission on any difficulty.
Desperate Measures
Complete the "Desperate Measures" mission on any difficulty.
Neomuna Specialist
Within replayable missions on any difficulty, accumulate a team score.
0 / 4
Master of Survival
Complete any campaign mission on Master difficulty.
Defeat Calus on Legendary difficulty, solo.
Lone Wolf
Complete any campaign mission on Master difficulty, solo, flawlessly.
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