ra sungod
Xbox Live
Lunar Rover
Complete the associated badge on the Collections screen in order to claim this Triumph.
Nightmare Hunts Time-Trial Master
Complete all Nightmare Hunt time-trial Triumphs.
Flawless Master Nightmare Hunt
Complete any Nightmare Hunt on Master difficulty without dying.
Symphony of Death
Dispatch the Deathsingers and acquire the Exotic Rocket Launcher, Deathbringer.
Altars of Sorrow: Sorrow's Bane
At Tier V, clear all five phases in a row without a single sacrifice and then defeat the boss.
Eternal Heretic
Complete the "Pit of Heresy" dungeon as a fireteam without dying and without leaving the activity.
Complete the "Pit of Heresy" dungeon solo and without leaving the activity.
Secret Triumph
A mystery that you haven't yet unraveled.
Let Them Eat Rice Cakes
Find and feed all the rabbits on the Moon.
Wandering Nightmares
Find and defeat powerful Nightmares unleashed to wander the Moon.
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