ra sungod
Xbox Live
Gold Coins
Gilded Title Triumph Tracks completions in Gambit. Wins provide bonus progress.
Good Company
Matches won where you banked the most Motes across both teams, didn't die, or dealt the most damage to all combatant types.
Number of Gambit Rank resets this Season.
Get Out
Number of Invaders defeated in Gambit.
Death Heals Primeval
Number of Guardians you defeated as an Invader in Gambit.
Hole Puncher
Final blows in Gambit.
High-Value Hawk
Defeat high-value targets (such as wanted enemies) from all enemy species.
Light Versus Light
Defeat an opponent in Gambit while their Super is active.
Gambit for All Seasons
Win Gambit matches against all combatant races.
Dark Age Arsenal
Win a Gambit match with a Gambit weapon equipped in every slot.
Reset your Gambit Rank.
Army of One
As an invader, defeat four opposing Guardians in a single invasion.
Deposit at least half your bank's capacity in a single round.
Defeat 40 enemies in a single match without dying.
Protect the Runner
As a fireteam, win a Gambit match where a single player deposits 75 Motes, never losing any.
Aim to Misbehave
Acquired the weapon Malfeasance.
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