Xbox Live
Bashing Success
Complete the Bonfire Bash activity.
Good Ignite
Defeat Ignition Carriers in the Bonfire Bash.
Torch the Taken
Defeat Taken in the Bonfire Bash.
Fuel for the Fire
Stoke the flames in the Bonfire Bash.
Ash Tray
Collect Silver Ash.
All Around the Bonfire
Complete the Bonfire Bash activity against all combatant races.
Fuel for the Fire II
Stoke more flames in the Bonfire Bash.
Fuel for the Fire III
Stoke even more flames in the Bonfire Bash.
Like Wildfire
Defeat targets anywhere in the system. Defeating Guardians awards bonus progress.
Defeat combatants with Solar abilities.
Defeat targets with Super abilities.
Fire Power
Defeat combatants or opposing Guardians with Power weapons.
Forged in Flame
Defeat opposing Guardians in any activity.
Hand Lighter
Defeat targets with Hand Cannons.
Shotgun Solstice
Defeat targets with Shotguns.
Burn Them Down
Defeat bosses anywhere in the system.
Raking the Coals
Complete playlist activities to earn Silver Leaves.
Solstice Jubilee
Complete public events on any destination to earn Silver Leaves.
Complete patrols on any destination to earn Silver Leaves.
Dare to Dream
Complete runs of the Blind Well or Dares of Eternity to earn Silver Leaves.
Complete Vanguard Ops or Nightfalls to earn Silver Leaves.
Fires of Competition
Complete matches in Crucible or Gambit playlists to earn Silver Leaves.
A Spark in the Dark
Complete Sever missions or rounds of Altars of Sorrow to earn Silver Leaves.
In the Hot Seat
Complete activities within the Throne World to earn Silver Leaves.
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