Light Falls Tomorrow

Feb 26, 2023 - Destiny Dev Team

The wait is almost over! Or, if you're reading this after 9 AM PST on February 28, then Lightfall is live, and you’ll soon be swinging from the Neomuna rooftops with Strand.  

This article is our celebration of launch and a place to round up all of the trailers and links to info for anyone who may have missed something in the run up to launch. We also have a sneak peek at what’s to come in our journey to the end of the Light and Darkness

Lightfall Patch Notes 

We just put out the full patch notes covering all the changes coming alongside Lightfall. You can go read through all the details to see what is coming. 

Destiny 2 Update

Lightfall Launch Trailer 

Missed the Lightfall launch trailer during last week’s PlayStation State of Play?Go ahead and watch it!  

Rally all Guardians 

We need all of you! Check out this final call to all the protectors of the Sol system to stand together against the Witness.  

Lightfall Music Dev Insight 

Want some cool insights on how we created the Lightfall music and sound effects? Then this is the place for you! Get the inside scoop on the sounds of Strand and notes of Neomuna in our latest dev insight covering the music of Lightfall. 


On February 16, we gave you some insights on how we developed Lightfall and let our folks speak about the amazing stuff  coming with it.  

Neomuna trailer 

The forgotten city Neomuna was a well-hidden secret, until now! Watch what awaits you on Neptune.  

Strand Deep Dive 

We’re adding a new subclass in Lightfall: Strand! In this article you’ll find deeper information about Strand and how every Guardian will be able to wield its power to both defeat enemies and move through  environments with style!

Inside Strand blog

Strand Trailer

Buildcrafting 2.0 

We’re making a lot of changes to how you get the best out of your powers! We’ve got a new mod manager, an in-game Loadout system, new ways to counter Champions, a look at the new Armor Charge system, and an update to Elemental Wells.  Everything about our new buildcrafting approach can be read in the following article.  

Buildcrafting blog

Quality of Life Improvements

In case you missed it, we recently dropped a PlayStation Blog with even more information about what power lies within Guardians' hands when it comes to crafting their perfect loadout .  

From mod changes to revamping how subclasses interact with certain gear, there's a lot of change ahead as we prepare for Lightfall. Interested in learning more? Check out the full blog post right here.

PlayStation blog

Weapons and Gear Trailer 

Of course we made sure to create a bunch of new weapons! Here’s a look at a few of the new Exotic weapons and armor you can use to demolish the strongest opponents in Lightfall.  

Season 20 Weapon Tuning Preview

One of our weapon experts Chris Proctor did a deep dive into all the new changes coming to your favorite weapons in Lightfall. Read all about changes coming to weapon archetypes, subclass 3.0 verbs coming to an Exotic near you, and an update to some previous perks.  

Weapon Tuning blog

To Abilities and Beyond 

Our Sandbox team shared an update on abilities, Supers, and a look at some of the new Fragments coming with Lightfall. 

To Abilities and Beyond blog

Economy Updates

From new ways to focus weapons to loot pool changes and more, check out all the changes coming to our in-game economy. 

Economy Updates blog

Enhancing Weapon Crafting 

We’re taking weapon crafting to the next level. Read all about changes to Deepsight, Resonant Elements, and the future of crafting.  

Enhancing Weapon Crafting blog

Bringing Challenge Back to Destiny 

The World Systems team shared an update on changes coming to several high-difficulty activities, including the new Surge, Threat, and Overcharge mechanics, a balance pass on Nightfall and Lost Sector rewards, and updates to the Vanguard Ops playlist.

Challenge blog

Lightfall and the Year ahead 

Finally, our fearless leader Joe Blackburn has shared a look at some of the next steps of Destiny. It’s a great read with a lot of information about the next year of Destiny and what´s to come.  

Lightfall and the Year ahead blog

There’s a lot of information and changes to go over leading up to launch, so we want to show you everything we´ve been working on and give you a clear view on everything Lightfall has in store! The Witness and its newest Disciple need all your attention. See you in the stars, Guardians. 

See anything that you’re surprised by? Anything you were hoping to see? Be sure to sound off over at our new socials that allow the Community team to offer more insight into info released and gather invaluable feedback from all of you:   

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