This Week At Bungie – 03/30/2017

Mar 30, 2017 - DeeJ

This week at Bungie we’ve seen new beginnings.

The Age of Triumph has begun. The grand finale for your Destiny 1 adventure begins when you break the seal on your Record Book. Before we send you to new worlds to experience new adventures, it is altogether fitting and proper that we bring the journey we’ve shared these past few years to an appropriate close.

This is our celebration of your Guardian. This is your chance to define the full scope of your Destiny 1 Legend.

So, about those new adventures…

We teased Destiny 2.

We revealed Destiny 2.

It feels so good to have started the conversation. We’ll begin with a vision of the Destiny 2 story. The next beat to look forward to is the gameplay reveal on May 18. This summer, we’ll need you to stand together in the Destiny 2 Beta.

There will be so much more to talk about all summer long. We’ll be making appearances at events where we just might meet you. You’ll find more waypoints on our roadmap as the journey progresses.

The road to launch on September 8 begins with a single step, and we took it this week.

On the Record

Every player needs an advocate – someone on the inside of the studio who’s looking out for them. At Bungie, we have an entire team that does that, assuming you’re willing to count the entire development team. While we’re always listening, only Destiny Player Support can count that as their full-time job.

This is their report.

Patch Notes of Triumph
Today, we deployed Hotfix This Hotfix made several minor changes to the Destiny player experience. Most notably, it removed the requirement to complete the Normal Mode version of a raid prior to being able to access the Hard Mode reprisal. Additionally, Knuckles of Eao may now be transferred between characters and the Vault.

For Hotfix Patch Notes, please click here.

For Update 2.6.0 Patch Notes, please click here.

Record Book Notifications
We are aware that some players are receiving repeated notifications from the Age of Triumph Record Book. Upon investigating this issue, we have found that these notifications appear to be linked to having the Gear Manager, or similar third-party applications, open while playing Destiny.

Receiving these notifications does not impact progress in the Age of Triumph Record Book. To minimize these notifications, players may want to exit out of their Gear Manager or third-party application when they are not actively using these apps.

Retroactive Record Book
With the launch of Age of Triumph, all Destiny players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were granted the Age of Triumph Record Book. Many players have expressed confusion over which pages and Milestones look backward in time at a player’s Destiny history. These Milestones are:
  • All Milestones on the “Commemoration” page.
  • All Milestones on the “Story” page.
  • The “Hold the Line”, “Mountain’s Summit”, and “Secrets Learned” Milestones for reaching Level 40 with each Class.
  • The “Victory or Death”, “Self-Sufficient”, and “A Hard Lesson” Milestones for completing Crucible Subclass quests.
  • The “Historian” Milestone on “The Crucible” page.
  • The “Raid Insignia” Milestone on the “Raids” page.
  • All Milestones on the “Collections” page.
  • All Milestones except “Public Defender” and “Spelunker” on the “Wanderer” page.
  • All Milestones except “Efrideet’s Regard” on the “Allegiances” page.
  • The “To the Lighthouse” Milestone on the “Trials of Osiris” page.

All other Milestones must be completed following this release of the Age of Triumph. In order to maximize all progress toward Record Book Milestones, it is best practice for players to log in with each of their characters after downloading the latest version of Destiny.

For more information on Age of Triumph, please see: Age of Triumph Guided Support
If you believe you have encountered an issue with Destiny Update 2.6.0, Hotfix, or Age of Triumph, please leave a report in the comments of our Vital Information thread.

Under Arrest

With all this talk about the future, your intrepid community manager is tireless about keeping the present day stocked with glory for you to earn. You still have players to hunt. You still have art to create. This train doesn’t stop.

Cozmo: This week we are sending you out in search of one of the Destiny Fun Police members who goes by the name Sheikh17. He is a skilled Defender Titan who specializes in shutting down Supers and taking away other players' Space Magic. He will be playing on PS4 on April 4th at 10 AM Pacific. 

Bungie Bounty: Sheikh17
Region: United Kingdom
When: 10 AM Pacific 4/4/2017
Console: PS4
Playlist: Clash

If you successfully match into their game and are able to avoid enough Suppression Grenades to emerge victorious, the Emblem is yours. It will be delivered to your Emblem Collection later in the week. For more details please read our Bungie Bounty FAQ.

Film Grain

Cozmo: Let’s turn down the lights and put some tasty flicks up on the screen. The creators of these movies have won an Emblem. If you want to be like them, show us what you’ve got on the Creations page.

Movie of the Week: Boom De Yada!

Honorable Mention: Bury Your Pain

Honorable Mention: Crota One Sword Challenge Mode 

Kill Crota yet? Next week you can set your sights on Atheon when Vault of the Glass is the Weekly Featured Raid. One at a time, each Raid boss – along with all of their assorted minions of the Darkness – will enter the Director as a 390 Light activity. Week over week, we’ll track their debut.

While we wait for May to arrive, and for the Destiny 2 conversation to gain speed, we still have new challenges to master.

DeeJ, out.
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