Become Legend: LIVE

Jul 17, 2014 - Dust

Let the games begin!

The Destiny Beta is available today on PlayStation consoles. If you a download key, begin your adventure. If you are not yet able to play, you’re still invited to the opening day party.

To give you a window into the world of the Destiny Beta, we’ve assembled a team of players to stream their exploits on Twitch. Watch as they take their first steps in the boots of the Beta Guardian. Behold their bravery as they battle strange invaders in the wild. Spectate as they compete against other Guardians in the Crucible. Or just enjoy the view as they strut (or dance) in the Tower.

We’re welcoming anyone who wants to play to create a character in the Destiny Beta. Until it’s your turn, or in those moments when you’re separated from your game room, enjoy the show.

All times are PDT.

Thursday, July 17th
10am: Multiple Guardians

12pm: (featuring Bungie)

2pm: (featuring Bungie)

Friday, July 18th

Saturday, July 19th

Sunday, July 20th

This only the beginning. We’ll update this roster with a full schedule of Xbox players when the full, all-in wave of the Beta begins on July 23rd after the maintenance blackout.

Be brave, Guardians. The world is watching.
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