The Bungie Novembercast

Nov 27, 2013 - Dust

We're about to embark on our journeys to begin the holiday season. At Bungie, that means empty chairs and empty tables. Before we evacuate the studio for a long weekend with family and friends, the Bungie Podcast is something for which we can all be thankful. Bring us along with you, wherever your travels take you.

You can download the Novembercast now. If you prefer iTunes, we'll update our Twitter feed when it's available.

Have a seat. Crack open your favorite beverage and join us for a conversation about how we reach out to the Bungie community. Jennifer Ash works with Bungie User Research to turn your opinions into raw data we can use to make games. Tom Slattery is leading a team that's helping Bungie to speak new languages, so that we can wrap our big, burly arms around the world. They're talking to Urk, Halcylon, and yours truly about the great lengths to which we'll go to know the players of our games.
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