The Bungie Mooncast

Oct 22, 2013 - Dust

Right about now, you might expect the Bungie Weekly Update to land. As you can see, we had other plans. Bungie loaded Urk and me onto a slingshot, and launched us half-way around the world for a European tour. We're there right now, introducing new gamers to Destiny. Fortunately, we planned for our absence in advance by joining Halcylon around a table strewn with microphones. You’re invited to listen in on our conversation with the architects of the world we’ll need you to reclaim.

You can download the Mooncast now. If you prefer iTunes, we'll update our Twitter feed when it's available.

Join us in Marty's office as we embark on a journey through time - an epic adventure that took us two whole weeks to complete. We're talking to Sam Jones, the Lead Environment Artist for the Moon team, as well Ryan Ellis, the Technical Art Director who is helping to build a path that will lead us all into the next generation of gaming.

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