Community Focus: Destiny News

May 20, 2013 - Dust

Any healthy community needs a number of crucial components to exist.{{more}} There must be a seat of power with central authority. In the Destiny community, Bungie sits in that chair. To maintain order, we have Ninjas to keep the peace. To give every citizen a voice, and to see to it that we’re kept honest, there must be a free press.

Fortunately, an entire network of fan-driven websites has created mastheads to chronicle this burgeoning Destiny community. One such outlet for investigative journalism is Destiny News. If someone is talking about Bungie’s next first-person shooter, they’re listening. As new details about Bungie’s next first-person shooter enter the mainstream, they’re filing them away for reference.

To learn more about all the news that is fit to “print,” we’re focusing on their webmaster, known as Sam Hawks to his readers, and Tim to his friends.

What inspired you to create your own byline as a reporter on the Destiny beat?

Tim: Something about the Sci-fi fantasy art style instantly intrigued me and left me craving a bigger helping. The Halo community actually persuaded me into making a new Destiny focused website. In the past, we had great success building the Halo4Nation community, but those same fans wanted a similar source for their Destiny news. In the end I’m just another guy trying to learn as much about Destiny as I can.

You’ll get another scoop soon, intrepid newsie. Hang in there. While we work behind the scenes to provoke the next big headline, how are you planning to serve your equally anxious readers?

Tim: Aside from news updates, I’m still brainstorming up ways to create the best experience for Destiny fans. I’m really interested in showcasing user-created content from the community. This includes everything from screenshot contests, to user submitted articles, to custom machinimas, and so much more. Right now, it’s hard to see all of delicious items on our menu when I’m still waiting for the official restaurant to open.

You’re sounding more like a food critic, now. What would you say to the people waiting on our reservation list to entice them to read your newsletter in our lobby?

Tim: is not only a great place for your up-to-the-minute Destiny news, but it also serves as a thriving community hub. A popular forum and lots of members make the site a bustling place with varying perspectives.  Our goal at DestinyNews is to feed people their daily dose of Destiny, in the hopes that they will feed us right back in positive discussions. 

How do you imagine that vicious circle will change once our game is spinning in the tray of your preferred console?

Tim: Aside from everyone being too busy to even turn on their computer, hopefully a lot. The site will transition into a medium where players will go to discuss their latest adventures, learn about unknown gameplay aspects, and – most importantly – enhance their Destiny experience. That’s until the initial rumors of the next Destiny begin to surface, starting the cycle all over again.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That’s a news cycle for another age. For now, tell us what you would ask about if we gave you an introspective exclusive about our game.

Tim: Everything. Seriously my list is almost endless, although for time’s sake I’ll keep it short. What I want to learn most is how our Guardian’s story will progress throughout the next 10 years of Destiny.

You mentioned your cravings for the fantastical elements of the art we’ve shared. What else about Destiny has you planning your next decade as a gamer so enthusiastically?

Tim: After clawing through Destiny info for the past few months, I think the most exciting thing about Destiny is its expansive landscapes, fraught with environmental diversity. Destiny’s worlds sound like nothing ever designed before, places I can only dream of one day playing.

If these sound like your daydreams, there’s plenty of editorial content to enjoy at Destiny News. Until our next major press event lands, their site is a great place to brush up on everything about our game that has been revealed. We’ll certainly be checking in with them from time to time to make sure that we’re aware of all the movers and shakers in the community.
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