Xbox Live
Cross Save
Items Collected
3,027 / 5,224
SUROS Upgrade
Hakke Upgrade
VEIST Upgrade
Omolon Upgrade
Senior Recruiter
The Visionary
Dark Orbit
Future in Shadow
Galilean Excursion
Prismatic Shiver
Second Chances
Distant Tides
Cardinal Refraction
Be True
Contender's Signet
Sequence Flourish
The Unrelenting Grip
Heliotrope Warren
A Classy Order
Tangled Web
Circumflex Diacritic
Galactic Magpie
Sneer of the Oni
Shadow's Light
Liminal Nadir
Countdown to Convergence
Wheel of Misfortune
The Flow, the Metal
Anno Panthera Tigris
Sister of Shapes
Relentless Momentum
As Above So Below
Gravity Axle
Starlit Welcome
Forged in Grace
Neomuna Nights
Jade's Burrow
Airlock Invitation
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