ra sungod
Xbox Live
Items Collected
3,652 / 5,419
Dawn Chaser
A Hall of Delights
The Imperial Menagerie
Moments of Triumph 2019
Sandswept Crusader
Timeline Warrior
Restorative Light
Might of Volundr
Vengeance of Volundr
Gofannon's Hammer
Gofannon's Fire
Tear of Izanami
Blood of Izanami
Steel of Bergusia
Blade of Bergusia
Rasmussen's Gift
Meyrin's Vision
Satou's Secret
Wheel of Fortune
Quarantine Zone
Light of the Dawning
Fire of the Crimson Days
Renewed Triumph
Eternally Triumphant
Terror's End
Deep in the Woods
Holiday Treats
Delicious Benefactor
From the Ashes
Simulant Spring
Pushing Down Daisies
Sweet Dreams
Gift Giver
Savior of the Past
Knight of the Old Guard
Seraph's Wings
Emblem of the Worthy
Rivals Three
Settle the Score
Point of Contact
Edge of Arrival
Accolades on Accolades
Magnificence in Action
Calamity Protocol
Wings of Light
Hunting Grounds
A Vile Quarry
Stalking Shades
Contender's Banner
Shadow Market
Spirited Rivalry
Midnight Durance
Luminous Tapestry
The Brightest Stars
Celestial Cartography
Astral Location
Hollow Sleep
Psychic Warfare
Life for Life
Severance Package
A Bit of Coin
Parts of a Whole
Earn bonus Captain's Coins for completing strikes, Crucible, and Gambit activities with this emblem equipped.
Amethyst Stronghold
Orbital Step
Dawning Cheer and Treats
Stories We Remember
Depths of Memory
Pond Pals
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