Sensei Azul
Xbox Live
Items Collected
583 / 4,184
Gnawing Hunger
Spare Rations
Night Watch
Bug-Out Bag
Last Man Standing
Sole Survivor
Just in Case
The Invader
The Collector
The Sentry
The Reaper
Wheel of Fortune
Prime Palette
Equip this shader to change the color of your gear.
Notorious Collector Helm
Notorious Collector Gauntlets
Notorious Collector Plate
Notorious Collector Greaves
Notorious Collector Mark
Notorious Sentry Helm
Notorious Sentry Gauntlets
Notorious Sentry Plate
Notorious Sentry Greaves
Notorious Sentry Mark
Notorious Invader Helm
Notorious Invader Gauntlets
Notorious Invader Plate
Notorious Invader Greaves
Notorious Invader Mark
Notorious Reaper Helm
Notorious Reaper Gauntlets
Notorious Reaper Plate
Notorious Reaper Greaves
Notorious Reaper Mark
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