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Find out how Trävis Drëdd fared vs. the Frag Dolls

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Xbox Live Gamertag: Evil Otto Height: 6'  Eyes: Brown Hair: What hair?
Favorite Game Genres: Chicks. I ain't queer y'know... wait, did you say genders?
Favorite Games: Mind
First Game Addiction: Venison
First Game Console: Sears Video gaming system
Favorite Gaming Snack: Mens' Pocky: Tasty enough for a woman, but made for a man.
Video game character I relate to most: Evil Otto
Favorite Emote: The horns
Greatest Gaming Moment: Finally getting the Contra bonus code to work.
Favorite (Gaming?) Quote: Mess with the rest, die like the best! ..or...something like that.
Longest Gaming Spree: Dude, I love Sprees. SweeTarts and Mentos are good too.
Where I live: over yonder Hometown: Seattle
Interests: Shootin Critters 'n eatin em
Obsessions: Jai Alai -what else?
Favorite Music: Merle Haggard, Tool, etc.
Favorite Movies: Rugrats Go Wild. I just love those Rugrats -especially Pickles.
Favorite TV Shows: Bowhunting with Ted Nugent, That's so Raven.
Favorite Books: Lame is Rob by that Hugo feller
People say I look a lot like: The stepchild of Garth Brooks and Nick Cage ..if they could have kids...uh nevermind, I'm starting to get weirded out.
Favorite Color: Lapis Lazuli. Duh.
Things I hate: City folk and their oh-so-fancy restraining orders.

I Like Playing with Dolls
Dec 2, 10:04am [PROFILE]

So last night was our big game against the fragDolls. I must admit I was half expecting them to put up as much of a fight as mykid sister. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they played as good as they look. Unfortunately for them, so did the frag Doodz -because we're so hot :) I guess we're only one point hotter on Ivory tower.

Anyway, one of the best things about Xbox live is the voice. Usually when I play, I use smack talk to intimidate and enrage my opponents. Somehow, with the fragDolls, the smack talk felt more like playful banter. Personally, I prefer hearing Valkyrie lay down the smack rather than some deep-voiced gangsta. Dyin' aint so bad sometimes. In fact, seeing Brookelyn crouching and uncroucing repeatedly over my corpse was strangely arousing.

Here are my 2 favorites from last night:
  • Bentllama: Let's play some oddball
    Jinx: No. Let's just play some straight up slayer.
    Bentllama: waaaaah.
    Valkyrie: (in her best Tom Hanks voice) There's no cryin' in Halo!
  • I walk into a room where Rhoulette just finished off Bentllama and was hiding behind the wall to let her shields recharge. I charge in saying, "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!" and smaked her down with the butt of my SMG.

So- when all is said and done, they were most worthy opponents and the best ones yet (sorry IGN). Maybe a grudge match is in the future. Later, Y'all. Be excellent to each other and party on dudes!