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Find out how Shaq Diesel fared vs. the Frag Dolls

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Xbox Live Gamertag: Shunji Height: 5'7" Eyes: Bloodshot Hair: Greasy
Favorite Game Genres: Educational
Favorite Games: Hide the Rainbow Roll
First Game Addiction: I don't have a gaming addiction and never have.
First Game Console: Atari 2600
Favorite Gaming Snack: Beer
Greatest Gaming Moment: Passing out on the couch playing Halo2 online and awaking in a pool of my own vomit the next day. That was cool.
Where I live: Seattle Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Interests: Beer drinkin' and hell raisin'
Obsessions: Beer, chics
Favorite Music: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer
Favorite Movies: Beavis & Butthead Do America, The Crippled Masters
Favorite TV Shows: Sex Talk with Dr. Sue
People say I look a lot like: Beavis
Favorite Color: Black
Things I hate: Law Enforcement