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Find out how Glittah Bear fared vs. the Frag Dolls

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Xbox Live Gamertag: Bentllama Height: 6' Eyes: Blue Hair: Everywhere
Favorite Game Genres: FPS, RPG, 3rd person Action
Favorite Games: Halo 2, Playboy Mansion, Ghost Recon 2, Yourself Fitness
First Game Addiction: Naked Twister
First Game Console: Xbox
Favorite Gaming Snack: Crystal Light
Video game character I relate to most: Cortana
Favorite Emote: Wink
Greatest Gaming Moment: Witnessing the incredible ending of Halo 2
Favorite (Gaming?) Quote: "I just took you from behind!"
Longest Gaming Spree: 2 hardcore days making friends on the Sims
Where I live: Seattle Hometown: Yellowknife, Canada
Interests: Horses, Floral arrangement, haiku
Obsessions: Ponies, rodeos, Furries
Favorite Music: Pink, Indigo Girls, Melissa Ethridge
Favorite Movies: Sixteen Candles , Mystic Pizza, Fried Green Tomatoes
Favorite TV Shows: Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover
Favorite Books: Steel Magnolias
People say I look a lot like: Stone Cold Steve Austin with a hint of  Robert Urich from Ice Pirates
Favorite Color: ortho tri-cyclen blue
Things I hate: brussel sprouts, meanies

A group of hardcore ladies to be reckoned with
Dec 2, 3:15am [PROFILE]

While the best company I have had in Seattle was with seamen, the sailor talk coming out of Valkyrie’s mouth put old Ahab to shame. Every time she killed me she had some sort of smack talk to deliver to my demeaned corpse. The smack talk was not always funny, but it was 100 percent delicious. Never before have I been so verbally abused. I liked it.

Valkyrie seemed to like the business end of my shotgun. I chambered the barrel right in her mouth on countless encounters in dark corners on Ivory tower that it prompted her to comment to the rest of her team about my blowback abilities. Cock. Bang. Cock. Bang. Like a choral symphony of gunpowder and zeal I decimated with the shotgun…and then the girls began to camp.

You would think girls to not be campers, to not shy away from the safety of a man. However, the girls did camp, mostly to try to control the map and the fury of my powerful gun. They often found safety in numbers, double teaming me and taking me from behind whenever they could. Surprise me they did not, but wow me they did...

The Fragdolls are a group of hardcore ladies to be reckoned with, and I reckon I would like to meet up with them again – this time I aim to forgo the shotgun and go for pure launcher splash damage. Boom.

It’s gonna get messy.