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Find out how the Caucasian Asian fared vs. the Frag Dolls

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Xbox Live Gamertag: Anim8rJB Height: 5' 11' Eyes: Brown Hair: Black
Favorite Game Genres: Action
Favorite Games: Ikari warriors, Contra, Double dragon, Mortal Kombat
First Game Addiction: Galaga
First Game Console: Atari
Favorite Gaming Snack: The taste of my enemy's blood.
Video game character I relate to most: Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat
Favorite Emote: \m/
Greatest Gaming Moment: When I kicked some little asian kids ass in Mortal Kombat using Johnny Cage
Favorite (Gaming?) Quote: All your base are belong to us
Longest Gaming Spree: 17 hrs
Where I live: Seattle Hometown: Chicago
Interests: watching football, scoring chics, drinking, playing games against asians
Obsessions: watching football, scoring chics, drinking, playing games against asians
Favorite Music: 3rd eye blind
Favorite Movies: Terminator
Favorite TV Shows: Who's the Boss
Favorite Books: The Art of War
People say I look a lot like: Brad Pitt
Favorite Color: Blonde
Things I hate: People calling me a twinkie

Nyah, nyah, nyah
Dec 2, 3:15pm [PROFILE]

Well, I almost busted a controller last night. There’s just something about a girl calling you ‘her dirty bitch’ after killing you for the fiftieth time that unleashes the Hulk in all of us. It’s kind of hot too, but more maddening in the heat of battle. No matter, after the dust had settled and the last expletive had been shouted across the country, the true victor emerged – the boys at Bungie. Nyah, nyah, nyah.

Okay, it was actually a pretty close fight aside from the first round blowout. The next four or five games were decided by three kills or less, and the teams traded leads a few times within each battle. The ladies worked together as a team for the most part, but we may as well have played the Boy Scouts – they camped so much. Oh try to deny it, Camp Dolls. I think they were using wallhacks and aimbots too, because you know something is up when you go toe to toe with Valkyrie and she kills you when all she has is a single smg and you have a shotgun and overshield. What’s that? Maybe my skill level isn’t up to par? I may have the suck level cranked? Pffft. Surely you jest. Nope – I guarantee they were using aimbots.

All in all, it was a great experience and the competition was fierce. The Frag Dolls can definitely hold their own in Halo2.

...for girls.