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Network Troubleshooting Guide

Destiny is a shared-world shooter that requires a correctly configured and steady internet connection. To avoid losing connection to Destiny, you may need to tweak your home networking setup.

Getting your console online and ready for the world of Destiny

Several things can be done to improve your network connection or reduce connectivity problems. If you’re having trouble connecting to Destiny or are experiencing a number of errors, here are a few quick tips:

Destiny requires a high-speed, broadband internet connection to have the best possible experience. To unlock the full potential of Destiny, PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold is recommended. Click here to learn more.

Wi-Fi is convenient, but it can also be inconsistent and unreliable. Wired connections will maintain the network stability needed for online gaming. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your connection. Click here to learn more.

To get the best experience, your NAT will need to be configured correctly. A Type 1 NAT (PlayStation) or an Open NAT Type (Xbox) is preferred. Learn how to change NAT Types and optimize your networking setup here.

If your home or institutional network is behind a firewall, Destiny requires the following ports to be open:

Destiny Port RangeDirection
7500-17899 (TCP)Outbound
30000-40399 (TCP)Outbound
35000-35099 (UDP)Inbound and Outbound
3074 (UDP)Inbound and Outbound

If you are playing on a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 console, Sony has a support article on configuring your network to play on PlayStation Network:

If you are playing on an Xbox One or Xbox 360 console, Microsoft has a support article on configuring your network to play on Xbox Live: 

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