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RVB Caboose 911

RVB Caboose 911

Edited: 8/23/2014 5:40:01 PM
ok guys bungie you should consider teaming with bethesda i personally would love to see the out come of the crews from both companys brainstorming quick edit: if this were to happen bungie makes the gameplay while bethesda works on story but both teams do the same things just those should be their prioraties
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  • Bacon a Chicken

    Bacon a Chicken

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    No, just no. Bungie at least is consistent with quality. Bethesda has no idea what makes their games good. They prove this time and time again by removing something awesome to make the game slightly better in areas which it doesn't need. Skyrim was a joke compared to all previous games. Its story was lacking at best and defiant of canonical lore at worst. 1. Radiant Story or whatever is painfully bad. I ache mentally just thinking about it. 2. Duel wielding anything sucked. The one weapon type good for duelwielding was removed. RIP Shortswords. 3. Melee combat was clunky and slow for no good reason. Staves have no melee and do not give XP for using them. 4. The magic and enchanting was worse in every way. 5. The perks ruined character development rather than bolster it. 6. The size of Skyrim is smaller than Oblivion and contains worthless mountains which reduces the size even further. 7. The Throat of the world has 7000 steps. Todd said a fan would count them. Someone did and it has 750-800 depending on what counts as a step. 8. Lore was outright changed or removed to suit their needs rather than added or fleshed out to make the game better. 9. Werewolves are far less common in Skyrim than Werebears yet we see no Werebears. Canis Root is a lazy reason why. 10. Volkihar Vampires live in caves and under frozen lakes/ponds and have powers related to ice. Dawnguard DLC ruined that. 11. Skills/spells were removed because they were either lazy or incapable of getting them right the fifth time around. 12. No arena in a land full of glory seeking war loving Nords? Really? REALLY? Need another example of their flawed ways? Skyrim had a city known as Markarth Side. It was on the eastern side of the Reach and it contained a school for teaching the Thu'um since Dragonshouting could be learned by anyone just like Ulfric. It was constructed by the greatest Dragonshouter ever, Emperor Tiber Septim/Talos. When the game came out, not only was there not a skill for shouting, but there was no school in Markarth Side, and Markarth Side became Markarth which had magically moved over to the western side of the Reach. A game about Dragonshouting had a school for Dragonshouting removed. Just think about that. I could go on and on about why Skyrim is the worst ES game but fanboys would cry and rage at me calling me a hater. Don't get me wrong, I like the series but I don't want to see ES: VI for another 4 years at least. It deserves to be made better. Fallout was good but suffers from the same design flaws as ES does. Combining Bungie and Bethesda would make a horrible game. Now if you were talking about Bioware and Bethesda then maybe. I am not trying to bash your thread or hate on Bethesda exclusively but they really anger me with ES design choices. I do have criticism of Bungie but they pale in comparison to Bethesda and I have said enough for now.
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