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    8/24/2014 6:20:04 AM Permalink
    Hello Guardian, I am apart of Alliance that is dedicated to enjoying all aspects of Destiny with like minded guardians. Guardians ofthe World Alliance Warlock:- Hunter:- Titan:- Mission Statement We are an alliance of Clans which are havens for guardians from all over the world to chat with, leave comments and postings in the forum and find players to form fire teams with. Goals of the Alliance To find and match Guardians with fellow dedicated Warlocks, Titans and Hunters To have their fellow Clans backs and defend their guardians when they are in need of assistance To form Fire-Teams dedicated to each activity be it PVP, Strike, Exploration or Raids Reasons to join one of our Clans We are a haven for players choosing the way of the Hunter, Warlock or Titan to provide a welcoming environment for gamers on all platforms To communicate with each other To find fellow players to add to friends lists of psn/xbox who are like minded in their gaming styles Please set one of our clans as your dedicated PlayStation or Xbox Clan *This can be done by simply clicking the "Set as Clan" button at top of page Post your gamer details in the designated forum
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