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    The great thing about Destiny, based on Beta Experience, is that you don't seem to be forced to have builds purely focused on dps, support, etc, so you can essentially just have fun and be creative. I think it really comes down to play style (fighting up close vs distance, team support on tough raids vs running solo/general missions, etc). While we really don't know for certain since we couldn't playtest the Sunsinger in beta; I think there are a few options: Grenade Options should be based on play style. Sunburst or Firebolt seem the most optimal, but attaching a Fusion Grenade to bosses or other players (if you have good aim) could be quite fun. Gift of the Sun will let you take out multiple groups of lower level enemies quickly. Or upgrade with Viking Funeral and Touch of Flame to call down the fire on a big boss or single target. Or you could sacrifice key grenade upgrades and go with Angel of Light (which seems fun if you are sneaky and use it right in PvP; other will say its useless, but they are just jealous they can't levitate and unleash with a machine gun or sniper rifle). All of the Scorch melee upgrades are useful. Brimstone sounds like it's good for taking out large groups of nearby weak enemies. Solar Wind for crowd control and to repel enemies who get too close (I'm talking to you Stealth Vandals). Flame Shield if you like to be up close and need some damage resistance. Glide upgrade: personal preference based on how you prefer to use it in battle. Arcane* and *Order attribute upgrades: Personal preference based on play style, with fighting at a distance vs up close probably being the main driver. Choose accordingly. 1. Team Support Suggestions: Radiance with Song of Flame (perhaps Fireborn for saving your team during no-spawn zone fire-team-wipes; could also be interesting in PvP depending on its exact mechanics). Radiant Will, or possibly Sunburst (if you melee a lot and your team members choose high damage supers in their builds) 2. Solo, PvP attack mode, or General PvE team play. You can definitely choose a combination of upgrades that provides a good, non-team-support build and can really buff your damage potential (grenades, melee, etc). Remember Radiance speeds up cool downs a lot based on some trailer evidence. Not as flashy as Nova Bomb (Voidwalkers are just show-offs), but I have a fun build in mind for my Exo Warlock, who sometimes thinks he is a Titan with better fashion sense. I think Bungie is really making this game playable even if you had a strike team of 3 void singers or 3 titans (if you play smart), so just build to your individual play-style. That said, it would likely be advantageous, if not strictly required, to have a build dedicated to team support/buffs for some of the more difficult raids and special missions/events, especially if you don't have a Defender on your team. “You did not receive the bond so you could babble arcane words. Go forth, and burn our enemy.”
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