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8/20/2014 10:47:22 PM
Thanks to everyone complaining now we won't have interceptors at the beginning of some matches and instead have to fight over control of one. Personally I hate using the interceptor but I like destroying them.
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  • JDrz


    8/21/2014 3:22:13 AM Permalink
    As long as nothing is changed once the game releases, I cant stand games that change weapons or abilities everytome someone complains. It sucks the interceptor was nerfed but the game wasnt released so it wasnt its final build. Now if a month after release we get patches which "balance" weapons and abilities I will never go back to pvp. Theres nothing worse than fine tuning your setup and practicing countless hours perfecting your game to have it all wiped away because some whiney people dont like gun a or ability b. I blame tryarch for this try to make everyone happy approach to pvp. Theres always going to be a gun that does more damage or is more accurate, and once you start making changes then something else will be op. You cant make everyone happy so whatever their initial vision for what Destiny is going to be is, then they need to stick to that and not try to appease what is always a vocal minority.
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