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  • Dakrim


    7/1/2014 2:25:46 AM Permalink
    I recently started a new Xbox Live account to sort of restart, and I used to play halo 3 a lot. I was Lt Grade 2 I think. I remember all the good times me and my irl buddies had playing custom infection game modes and that. I really miss Halo 3. And I always wanted to obtain recon armor. So, I restarted a week or two ago, and my hopes were cut short. I found out that they released recon for everyone. I missed it, and they will not be giving it out again. That made me a little upset, but then I realized that I can just do the Vidmaster challenges. My hopes were cut short again because I learned that even if you do all the challenges, you will not be able to get Recon. Recon is extinct, only the people who have it already are the only ones who will ever have it. I would really like to play Halo 3 again, and make some new friends. Sorry about that essay. My gamertag is SwaqHard. (inb4 swagfag, made the name only out of irony).
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