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    6/15/2014 12:27:29 AM Permalink
    I'm not sure if I posted here yet, but anyways... Some of work the police department is probably a lot more dangerous than the military. For example, say you made a traffic stop for reckless driving. You approach the vehicle, and at this point [i]anyone[/i] can behind that wheel. That could be a psychotic murderer or an innocent elderly woman, but what's even scarier is that you never know what could happen. You can be placed into a shoot-out, be wounded or die, or you can be placed in a high risk, high-speed pursuit. Not to mention what they have to put up with; so much hate, so much disrespect, and the things they see can be traumatizing. For example, my father recalls his 27 years on the force to be hellish. He's seen the death and wounding of close friends, dark scenes of violence, participated in shoot outs, and literally had the best seat in the house to see the worst things humanity is capable of. He didn't do this job for his own financial benefit, but for the citizens of New Orleans. Furthermore, this isn't a month or couple of months of active service in the military... rather years of active duty of never knowing what could happen every single day you wake up putting that uniform on. [spoiler]Don't get me wrong, I hate getting tickets, but is it really necessary to hate the entire police force because you went 65 in a 60 lane? [/spoiler]
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