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The Legends of Destiny [LoD]

"We Are Legends"

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Be Brave, Guardian. Everyone has a story to tell. Let us make yours a Legend!


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Billtacular III

Billtacular III

2/25/2014 3:35:01 PM
Hello Guardians! Please feel free to tell us all a little about yourself. Please keep personal information at a need-to-know basis. We want to make sure we all have fun while staying safe. Some questions to get you going: -How long have you been a fan of Bungie and their creations (Marathon, Halo, etc?) -What do you do in the real world? Occupation? Major? -What will you be doing until the release of the Destiny beta, and the launch of the full game? -Which console will you be playing the beta on? What about the full game? -If you could have ONE thing in Destiny, what would it be? -What are you most excited for in Destiny? -And tell us anything us you want us to know!

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    Let me start by saying that I have NEVER been this excited for a video in my entire life. I have been waiting many years for a FPS-MMO (worth playing). I have been a fan of Bungie ever wince I got my hands on Halo 1, back in my HS freshman year. I remember doing LAN parties and pulling all-nighters. Those were the days!!! I have played EVERY Halo game that has been released. In the real world I am an IT Security Analyst, majored in IT Security (imagine that!). As for the release of the Destiny beta I will be playing it the second they open the flood gates!!! As for the full game, I will be pre-occupied with my first child (VERY EXCITED!!!!) My wife is due Sept 2nd. Luckily I will be taking 2-3 weeks off, hopefully sneak in some game time, we shall see. I might be to busy loving and being with my baby. I am a proud owner of a PS4!!! PSN Corneilius_86 I hope they have a good PvP and PVE system. Good arenas, dungeons... I am most excited about the open world, exploring with my clan, finding exotic weapons. I want to be able to immerse myself into the game and become really good at all of it! Here are links to the guild/clan I am in called Firefly, stop by and say hi!!
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