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The Legends of Destiny [LoD]

"We Are Legends"

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Be Brave, Guardian. Everyone has a story to tell. Let us make yours a Legend!


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Billtacular III

Billtacular III

2/25/2014 3:35:01 PM
Hello Guardians! Please feel free to tell us all a little about yourself. Please keep personal information at a need-to-know basis. We want to make sure we all have fun while staying safe. Some questions to get you going: -How long have you been a fan of Bungie and their creations (Marathon, Halo, etc?) -What do you do in the real world? Occupation? Major? -What will you be doing until the release of the Destiny beta, and the launch of the full game? -Which console will you be playing the beta on? What about the full game? -If you could have ONE thing in Destiny, what would it be? -What are you most excited for in Destiny? -And tell us anything us you want us to know!

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  • Forwards


    2/28/2014 3:07:42 AM Permalink
    What's up guys! I'm glad I can be apart of this. Thanks to Bill for putting in work to bring us the best community experience we can possibly have in the up and coming Destiny universe. I will try my best to put in work and do my part. About me: Father of two (boy and girl), served in the 3rd Infantry Division Fort Stewart GA as a 11B Infantryman M249 SAW Gunner. Important part of my life but that's as far as I'll go into it. My personal life consists of many different things, gaming being a smaller portion now that I have kids and too much stuff to do. I enjoy technology and motors like any man, currently working on touch screen micro controller implementation for motorcycles though it doesn't seem to be panning out as I thought it would. Gaming Career: I have been playing games my whole life, I have an OG gamertag (Forwards), I also own Diagonally and Backwards. I have a gamer score of 83000 currently which is low given that I had multiple year long breaks from an Xbox. One of my most memorable gaming moments was in Halo 3 and finding the IWHBYD Skull. I have a thread about it of you care to take a look. I'm really looking forward to Bungies next title and playing it with people who want to explore every nook and cranny it has to offer. Feel free to add me and I'll see you guys in the BETA!
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    • Billtacular III

      Billtacular III

      Edited: 2/27/2014 5:47:36 PM Permalink
      I suppose I should start off by telling you all a little about myself. My name is Bill, and I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, but have recently moved to Massachusetts. I am currently in college with an undecided major. I have been a fan of Bungie since 2001 with the launch of Halo: Combat Evolved. Five years ago I decided to show my dedication to the world by getting the Seventh Column tattooed on my right arm. Personally I will be playing the beta on the Xbox 360, but plan on getting the Xbox One in time for the full release of the game. Will anyone else be playing the beta on the 360? If I could choose one thing to want in destiny it would be the integration of clans like in Halo 2. I know Bungie has given us small details about this, but it would be awesome if it was true. When I fire up Destiny for the first time I am going to start questing right away. I want to explore and visit new areas. I am most excited to visit Venus and take on the Vex. That was a little about me, now let's hear about you!
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      • Corneilius86


        Edited: 2/27/2014 4:53:44 PM Permalink
        Let me start by saying that I have NEVER been this excited for a video in my entire life. I have been waiting many years for a FPS-MMO (worth playing). I have been a fan of Bungie ever wince I got my hands on Halo 1, back in my HS freshman year. I remember doing LAN parties and pulling all-nighters. Those were the days!!! I have played EVERY Halo game that has been released. In the real world I am an IT Security Analyst, majored in IT Security (imagine that!). As for the release of the Destiny beta I will be playing it the second they open the flood gates!!! As for the full game, I will be pre-occupied with my first child (VERY EXCITED!!!!) My wife is due Sept 2nd. Luckily I will be taking 2-3 weeks off, hopefully sneak in some game time, we shall see. I might be to busy loving and being with my baby. I am a proud owner of a PS4!!! PSN Corneilius_86 I hope they have a good PvP and PVE system. Good arenas, dungeons... I am most excited about the open world, exploring with my clan, finding exotic weapons. I want to be able to immerse myself into the game and become really good at all of it! Here are links to the guild/clan I am in called Firefly, stop by and say hi!!
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        • Black Kat Techno

          Black Kat Techno

          2/28/2014 1:06:28 AM Permalink
          Yo, what's up guys? My name is Gianan, though instead of trying to say it, it's easier to just call me Tech, Techno, Kat or of course TechnoKat. For starters I will say that I've been dreaming of a game like Destiny long before Bungie even started it's development, and after such a long time, it's finally coming out! I found it both ironic and amazing that the very game I had been so desperate for would have such an empowering and meaningful name. [i]Destiny[/i]. Anyway, if it's about me I really don't know what to say, I'm a simple guy from a simple town, the only thing really remarkable about me I'd think is that I'm a Med student. Though I'm only taking classes for an entry level job right now... Haha! As with Bill, I find the idea of a community driven, creative place where creating any and all forms of expression (within reason of course) is the name of the game! I don't know what role he has planned for everyone but I can't wait to see what we can create! I'm also an amateur writer and I'm preparing a "debut" story that will set an example for what I think we might see in the future! Stay tuned for more :3!
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