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Knights of the Oath [KOTO]

"As we uphold the oath, we fight for the better, the good, and the traveler!"

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The Knights of the Oath is a clan that dedicated itself to the players that choose to be apart of our ranks. We have an organized ranking system that does not discriminate players, yet encourages them to get better at the game. We balance our teams--which are not mandatory--to make it to where more experienced payers play with newer players, in turn bettering them into becoming a better player. <br />We are mainly a PvE focused clan, believing that PvE gives better rewards for the effort compared to PvP. Knights of the Oath stick to their clan and do not turn their back on their comrades. If you are a dedicated player to a clan, and you are of the mature audience (18+) you are welcome within our ranks. We hope to fight alongside every guardian, teaching them the ways of becoming a legend as a Knight. <br />Follow us on @Knights_OT_Oath to keep updated on what's going on during the game and before launch!!!


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