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Vegan Vultures [Vult]

"Rotting corpse? Eww."

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Super adorable Xbox 360 Destiny Group, for raiding and fun. (UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION. Still, feel free to message me. :3) Leader: Syl The Fox Sunsinger: Syl The Fox Sunsinger(2): NONE Defender: Point Blank Defender(2): NONE Striker: NONE Bladedancer: NONE //Base Rules For Joining -Requests must go through me. -You must be getting all future expansions. (Not cosmetic DLC -Must be friendly and not extremely competitive. Keep cursing and offensive chat to a minimal. Sexism, Racism, and anything negative involving the LGBT community is NOT accepted. You need to be supportive of others. As the leader, I will be hard at work making raid plans. If you are bad at following orders, I suggest you not join. I'm not Hitler, but I like things to be orderly. -You will need a mic. I'm sorry, but this is necessary. (If the spot you want is full, you can still message me.) SCHEDULE: (To Be Added Soon)


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