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    8/19/2014 7:37:45 PM Permalink
    I'll respect your choice in proposing this (to each their own), but will say that one of the more prominent points to people liking Destiny is that it's the first MMORPG without micro transactions (not including DLC and future games). I may be reiterating my original statement, but that's a bigger selling point than you'd think; especially for pc gamers who dabble in mmorpgs the most. To announce a game that only costs $60 minimum with no subscription (disregarding Xbox gold and Sony PS+), with no form of alternate currency in game that you can only get through real life money is almost unheard of, even if you don't have a pc. The only series that comes to mind is Diablo, and that's not even fully true. I'll stop there and save you from an in depth lecture, just know that most people on the forums would prefer Destiny to not have micro transactions.
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