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3/3/2014 11:08:32 PM
What: -Do you lust after? -How are you slothful? -How are you greedy? -Makes you gluttonous? -Fills you with envy? -Ignites your wrath? -Gives you pride?
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  • Uncle Putin

    Uncle Putin

    3/4/2014 2:52:53 AM Permalink
    [quote]-Do you lust after?[/quote] The common, women, at times but that's not the main one. I mainly lust after.... oh... now that I think of it I'm not sure. I guess women would have to be it but I'm not some horny Joe Schmoe who only thinks about that. Just once in a while. [quote]-How are you slothful?[/quote] When it comes to arduous physical labor, I just hate it. I have a hard time motivating myself. However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE working out. I just hate grunt work. [quote]-How are you greedy?[/quote] I'm a lot less greedy than I used to be, but I sometimes am greedy with my money. I have a hard time giving it away to people who need it. It could be the fact that I don't make that much but I've always been a money holder. [quote]-Makes you gluttonous?[/quote] A lot of people don't know it but gluttony doesn't always involve food. I'm proud to say that I am not controlled by food. Instead, I have beaten food into submission so that I can almost will myself to enjoy whatever healthy food I want, and I am repulsed by unhealthy foods no matter how healthy they are. Taste is of very little importance to me. Not to say I don't enjoy it but it's not all-consuming to me. But in terms of general gluttony, I wouldn't consider myself to indulge myself in much of anything. [quote]-Fills you with envy?[/quote] Oh, this is easy. There are only two things in this world that really set me off. 1. BAD DRIVERS 2. People who honestly believe that religion should be exterminated from the Earth. It just really pisses me off when people say that. [quote]-Gives you pride?[/quote] Not trying to by hypocritical here, but I am actually very accomplished even at a young age and people often notice the many things I have done. My head can get a bit bigger than it should at times but when I'm not around compliments and praise, I tend to have a relatively low self-esteem even though I have no reason to feel that way (well I do but that's for another day).
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