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Alliance: ReClaim Clan

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ReClaim Clan [ReC]

"Rise. Raid. ReClaim."

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Mission Statement Legends are born from humble beginnings. Reclaimers are forged from the hellfires of Raids and Crucible. We will be the first to rise, raid, and reclaim the Vault of Glass and its ultimate treasures. Bungie themselves will build monuments to honor our sacrifices and victories. We will reclaim the title of the #1 PS4 clan. This is the first and main clan squadron. 100 strong, these are the best of the best. Reclaimers are ultra competitive and work well with the rest of the unit. These are not casuals. These are extreme hardcore that wish to become professional players. Any that find that calling is not for them can join one of the ReClaim subclans. Membership is exclusive and most requests to join will not be approved. Rather, elite players are abducted, sealed in a black room, and starved for seven days until they are released back into the world naked and confused, or find themselves chained to a PS4 in an underground bunker. PS4 - True_Reclaimer


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  • #PvP
  • #ps4
  • #reclaim
  • #raid
  • #Crucible
  • #hardcore

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