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Arbiter 739

Super Mario 64 Multiplayer Release! Play Online! (Download) After years of roaming the worlds in Super Mario 64 alone, you can now do so with a friend! Just as Nintendo had originally planned, this modification turns all of SM64 multiplayer. ---Download--- Download (1.0): PPF Version (1.0): Wii Channel WAD (1.0): If I didn't make it clear, the patch must be applied to an original 8mb Super Mario 64 (U) rom. If you are feeling generous and want to support my work with a donation, I have added a PayPal button to my homepage here: After I finish some more debugging of this, the boundary patch, and Star Road, I'll get back to work on Star Road 2 and hopefully have a little more luck designing the first level. A multiplayer version of Star Road will likely be released in a week or so. Sweeet!
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