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Click on the link above to see the interview and learn a little more about Destiny. Leave a like here if you enjoy it... If you didn't, tell us why. If your on ps3, feel free to add me: preda0123. Si vaz a jugar en el ps3, añademe: preda0123
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    I just love the way Bungie talks about Destiny. The passion and ambition in the studio for the game is obvious and wonderful to see. Too often it feels like developers are just going through the motions when they talk about their game before release, especially in between big events, so they just trot out roughly the same spiel in interviews with vague 'goals, hype and or marketing jargon. But with Bungie they're really eager to talk about what they're doing, have clear goals in mine, most of the stuff that sounds like marketing jargon (ie "activities for every mood") is usually more short hand for a long winded explanation or is a place holder answer for something they want to keep up their sleeves to surprise us. I'm still disappointed to hear that the Interceptor is being nerfed... I didn't feel it dominated that completely in the matches I played, and the only time I was part of a totally one sided match involving them was cause one team was obviously better and had both of them, and like Deej says it's a tank... Glad to hear though that the response to the fact Scout Rifles and Auto Rifles tended to dominate in at least PvP in Beta the Hand Cannons and Pulse Rifles will be beefed up, rather than the SRs and ARs being dialled down. I do hope there's a lot left to explore in Old Russia along with lots on the other destinations - really hoping for more than one area per planet and now curious what he meant by "places we haven't even talked about", I mean we've had people guess that The Reef is a destination but is that the only one Bungie haven't talked about or are there even more? Delighted to hear Bungie again reaffirm their commitment to ongoing support and updating of the game, especially the focus Deej gave to non-Expansion Pack stuff. Very few developers really support their games that much and even fewer add new things to the games outside of DLC packs, which in the process kinda forces people to buy them hence the frustration with DLC packs, and after the cool 'emblem' for their timed events concept that was Iron Banner I'm really keen to see what else they've got lined up. Just goes to prove, other people make Games, Bungie create Legends.
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