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  • BobaRex14


    8/18/2014 1:42:03 PM Permalink
    Death Shadow clan has just posted a new fan made video montage from one of your Admins (video recorded by BobaRex14 and edited by Bearbate). Come check it out: More info about our clan: Death Shadow is forming a Destiny clan, and we are now accepting new members. Our clan will be working together on all aspects of the game, and we encourage our members to help one another. We are looking for mature players of all ages, who will not be using profanity or rude comments. One of our admins will be using a professional capture device, and will be posting videos with our members frequently. We also encourage our members to send their best videos, which may be used on our dedicated Youtube channel. If our clan becomes big enough, we will be organizing clan events. As well as have prize giveaways. This is a ps4 based clan. If you would like to join, please send one of our admins, or myself (the founder of Death Shadow), a PM requesting to join.
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