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    I'll post our clan links soon, but first I'd like to give you some details about who we are, and what we represent: - Dogs of War Gaming (DOWG) has been around since 2010, has amassed over 3200 registered members since then, and have over 800 fully active members currently (rest being semi-active). Since Bungie began this App, we've successfully brought in just over 200 new members, just from here alone. - We support all major platforms (including mobile), all current major games, and we have members from all over the world (literally all over, with strong bases in the US, UK, and beyond), so you'll never be looking for people to play with. - While our main focus is on the current generation of consoles, we do still have a decent base on last gen systems, and are always looking to accept members for those as well. - As a group that prides itself in having mature members, we accept anyone age 15+ only. No exceptions. We have mature members ranging from 15 to 60. - We have a great Admin Team in place to keep our forums fun, friendly, and inviting. If anyone ever has a question, the answers are given quickly. We have multiple, well-established leaders on all major games on each Platform as well, so you'll always have a representative of your console to speak to when needed. - We have a Ranking system that awards members for both in-game and on-site activity. - We have Platoon Support, meaning if you have a group you want to roll with regularly, you can have your own sub-forum given to you so that you and your Platoon can have a place to chat or recruit other DOWGs to join you based on whatever criteria you put forward. - We have plenty of members with great GFX skills who are willing to create signatures and other things for you, and are open to welcoming other artists to join our GFX team as well. - We have a strong Social Media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube, and are looking to give anyone who wants exposure a chance to get it. - We have a rare community which, despite large numbers, remains a tight-knit group. Whether you're a PC, PS, XB, or even Mobile gamer, it's easy to be welcomed in, and involved with everyone, and the discussions that go on. You'll never be just a random member lost in a sea of gamers. - We run things based on the principals of having fun, and having a casual atmosphere when it comes to the site and activity in games. Life is Life, and we aren't always able to hop online at a given time. Gaming is a hobby, and we understand that. So there's never a time you'll be forced to be online. It's all about you, and gaming when you can/want to, and giving you a place to find people who will be there to game with you when you're able to hop on. - That being said though, Platoons enable members to create teams of competitive players as well, allowing you to do whatever you want to, while giving you a place to coordinate in our Forums. - We utilize the free App, GroupMe, to further enhance member communication for various games on various systems. As it can be used on a computer, cell phone or tablet, you can join a group for your console, for your game, and coordinate parties, ask questions to Officers, or just BS if you'd like. And truly this list can go on for a while. It really is a great and thriving community, always looking to evolve and improve, with a fully mature group of members. We also aren't in this to form Alliances, as I hope is evident from our Platoon system. We wish for people to come in and form their own groups, and solidify them as a Platoon within the community. We're all DOWGs, but for groups who want to get together more often than with others for various reasons (similar scheduling, good friends, etc.) we encourage forming Platoons. Once we have a good number of Platoons going, we can then begin inner-clan Platoon Wars, hold events and tournaments of various kinds, and much more. So if you're a small clan just starting out, a lone gamer looking for a home, or even a bigger clan that wants to be a part of something bigger, join us at Dogs of War Gaming. If you like the name you've created for your clan, let that be your Platoon name when you join. Have signatures made to represent that. It's up to you what you want to do and become, in DOWG. Also going forward, if a new member hasn't applied on the website in a certain amount of time, we'll be removing them from the Member list and/or clan. Despite the large number of members we have on our site, we really do only keep those who wish to become full members of our community, and we aren't just looking for numbers to fill up space. So be sure to apply at both the site as well as our clan here, to ensure you remain a part of our community! And here are the links! [url=]Dogs of War Gaming Website[/url] [url=]Dogs of War Gaming Clan Link[/url]
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