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    8/18/2014 4:30:15 AM Permalink
    {Armored Guardians} [AG] Are long time shooter and mmorpg players, most of whom are casual/hardcore players. Were lookin for about 50 members, we have 20. half on each system. Were a motivated clan, dedicated to giving you the most out of destiny. Here with AG u will always have a place in a fireteam. Will be hosting clan events, and uploading videos of of hard to get items, raids, high priority targets and other awsome stuff . We will be lvling like crazy, raiding, destroying pvp, farming, treasure hunting, exploring, and running the story. We have 2 divisions to our clan, on Xbox One and the other on Xbox 360. Both ran by seperate individuals yet working together. Join either one, just hit us up. Requirements XB360: -English speaking -Must be 16+ (please be mature!) -Experienced with shooters K/D 1.0+ -Own a mic -Easy going/friendly -Play Destiny! LOL Requirements XB1: -English speaking -Must be 16+ (Please be mature!!) -Moderate shooter experience (hardcore preferred but not req) -Must have a mic! -Easy going/Friendly -Play Destiny! LOL Xbox One Division/Clan Leader. Add GT rei9nofchaos Xbox 360 Division/Clan Leader. Add GT Slavekraver. Or just reply through us here.. Hope to see you Guardians! Thank you, {Armored Guardians} [AG] Rei9nofchaos {Armored Guardians} [AG] Kraver
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