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  • xI GhostTrigazZ

    xI GhostTrigazZ

    8/18/2014 2:38:27 AM Permalink
    Arcadia is looking for members We will be PvE and PvP clan, with high intensity in PvP on Xbox One Console only I want to go out there and have some fun but i also want players to be serious and when the time comes really get the job done My Gamer-tag is xI Ghos7TrigazZ and my two co-leaders Holder 24 and BlueWartortle Arcadia Stands for the Promised Land, and our Freedom we will grasp in our hands and hold like Gods Requirements: 17 or older Xbox One console Working headset for communication Ability to put in at least 15 hours a week Arcadia will put a high focus on both PvE and PVP PvE- we will achieve the most exotic loot and we will help others clan members out no matter the level to make the best experience for everyone we can; strikes and raids will be a combination of skill, time spent online, and who needs/wants what. We are a very serious clan and want serious players but we also know how to have fun if we can first put in the work. PvP- when fighting as a clan we will choose the best six clan members we have, in saying that a spot is not a right it can be taken away at anytime if you are surpassed by another member. PvP is when we really get down to business.
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