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7/21/2014 7:12:59 PM
I would like to be able to fly my own ship out into space and explore. Maybe even have like fallen and hive ships to battle or raid? It would also be cool to customize the ship with weapons and colors. PvP starship battles too? Just some ideas I had. Thank you for your time!
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  • Nemesis Black

    Nemesis Black

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    We need this - What's the point of having cool starships if you can't do anything with them? Also how good was the space combat bit in Halo: Reach? Awesome that's how good! Like Crimson Skies in space! You could've given me a whole game of that and I woudl've folked out £40 for it. Yeah it might take a fair bit of work to implement - but if it isn't a priority in Destiny's "10 Year Plan" then I'm not sure Bungie have enough vision for this IP. As it was Bioware missed a trick not doing it with Mass Effect. There was an old Sega Megadrive/Genesis RPG I loved as a kid - Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday that had player-controlled ship combat, boarding and you could pilot it around the solar system finding side quests, secrets, random curios as well as it being essential to plot. And that was in 1990!!! With a PS4 Bungie or anyone-else has no excuse. None at all.
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