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    Hell Yes! We are trying not to die even once in the game of Destiny. (Other than PvP haha). And I just mean my Fireteam. You should join and meet other Veteran Gamers. We need more Guardians to fight for The Battalion. In The Battalion, we aim to set the new standard for what a gaming community should be, and we will never stop, not even after we've accomplished our goal, after all. There will always be more things to accomplish! If you want to be a part of something great, join us and make your mark in a gaming revolution! Gaming will never be the same again! What we want most is to make you all feel "connected." We want you to be proud that you are a part of this Clan. Something that you look forward to everyday and stay active. Every choice you make is your choice and is very optional. Make posts about expeditions that you would like to go on publicly on our Clan Page to get help whenever you need it, we call it Public Exploration. That's just an example, you can talk about whatever you want on our page and have fun with members/nonmembers. The Bungie app that we have makes it very easy to do all of this so I highly recommend that app if you don't already have it. For The Battalion we are also doing Squad expeditions that are for Members Only. (We are gonna be adding more to this soon, we'll keep you updated on our page) Now to everyone we are just getting started. There will be many updates in the future. Right now we are also thinking about adding in a competitive side for Multiplayer, but that will be later maybe. I really hope all of you see what we are trying to do and that you join us! Thanks For Listening In! Come To Our Page! The Galaxy Is Against Us, but It Wouldn't Be Fair Otherwise. -The Battalion
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