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We are the dawn of the new aged 'Hunters' Some may call us..Cheap, cruel, clever. The Hunters have gained quite the notoriety, we are ruthless and battle harden, yes, but who isn't in this new world? Who's to say the Titans or Warlocks are so blessed.Now I'm not trying to start conflict, no no, what I'm saying is why do we, the Hunters get scorned for our past, we are heartless and war driven for a reason: We understand how this 'New World' is. We understand that not taking action is worse than taking a life or two, especially when the live being taken are the Fallen and Cabal, or even Hive. We are still Guardians, just like the Titans whit their blood oaths, or the Warlocks with their knowledge of the Traveler, and I say why be judged for our actions if we are the ones who sacrifice so much to keep the last city safe. We are the Hunters, we are not afraid to take action, and we will do whatever it takes to keep our city and the Traveler standing strong.


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