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Find out how Stinkles fared vs. the Frag Dolls

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Xbox Live Gamertag: Frankie Height: 5' Whatevah Eyes: Beady Hair: Surplus to Requirements
Favorite Game Genres: Jumping, Puzzle, Jumping Puzzles.
Favorite Games: Pac-Land, Pac-Man Jnr., Pac-Attack
First Game Addiction: Tapper
First Game Console: Atari 2600
Favorite Gaming Snack: Jerky
Video game character I relate to most: Mutant baby from Splatterhouse
Favorite Emote: Bafflement
Greatest Gaming Moment: Colecovision Zaxxon, 8 completes, no lives lost
Favorite (Gaming?) Quote: "I have never sold, every-ting, every-ting."
Longest Gaming Spree: Hella
Where I live: Sizattle Hometown: Edinburrrrrrrrrrrgh
Interests: Pwnage, domination, pwnanism.
Obsessions: Kiss Army Survival Manuals
Favorite Music: The Darkness, Pat Boone
Favorite Movies: Trancers, C.H.U.D. 2 (Bud the Chud) and Crime Wave
Favorite TV Shows: Bakersfield PD
Favorite Books: Banksy, Niven, Banksy.
People say I look a lot like: Senor Limpio.
Favorite Color: Super Black Black
Things I hate: Hairs in a burrito.

I have no hair...get over it.
Dec 2, 10:04am [PROFILE]

Last night, as I sat in my underwear, picking bits of food from my chest hair, it occurred to me that I have never once seen a bald homeless guy. As a matter of fact, if you examine the homeless (as I am wont to do) you will notice that if anything, their hair is thicker, richer and more luxuriant than normal.

Is there a scientific reason for this? Or is it sociological. One would imagine, for example that the life of the homeless would be more stressful than normal. Inclement weather, bulls (Hobo slang for railroad security) and even the occasional eating of your feet by C.H.U.Ds would cause the kind of undue stress that might lead to hair loss. But no. In stark opposition to the laws of nature and god, their hair sprouts with barbiferous abandon.

Next time, as they reach over to my car to take the dollar I proffer, I will try to wrench a handful of this mysteriously powerful hair and research it. Maybe I should give them five bucks. It is winter, after all.